clicSÉQUR Express

A safe fast track for businesses

What is clicSÉQUR express?

ClicSÉQUR express is a quick, easy and safe way for businesses to send information using online services offered by departments and agencies.

ClicSÉQUR express gives you access to the online services offered by Québec government departments and agencies (DA) using clicSÉQUR express. To do so, you must have a Québec enterprise number (NEQ) or a Québec Sales Tax (QST) registration number and an access code.

What advantages does clicSÉQUR express give businesses?

clicSÉQUR express makes creating an account faster: the business simply enters its NEQ or QST registration number and the clicSÉQUR express access code that it received by mail.

Businesses can rely on safe, dependable service.

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