clicSÉQUR Express

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What is the difference between clicSÉQUR and clicSÉQUR express?

ClicSÉQUR express is used only for those online services provided by the Québec government that involve sending information.

For this, clicSÉQUR express is ideal, because it is fast and doesn’t call for sharing confidential tax information with the government, as is the case with clicSÉQUR. This streamlines the business registration procedure.

clicSÉQUR is used when information is shared between a business and a DA or when the business file is opened. This service runs deeper checks on the business.

Are the same codes used for clicSÉQUR and clicSÉQUR express?

No. For clicSÉQUR, a user code and a password are needed. For clicSÉQUR express, a Québec enterprise number (NEQ) is needed or a Québec Sales Tax (QST) registration number if the business does not have a NEQ, and an access code that is generated by the system and mailed to the business.

If a business has a clicSÉQUR identifier, can it use this to access all the online services that use clicSÉQUR and clicSÉQUR express as an authentication service?

Yes, a business that has a clicSÉQUR identifier can access the online services that use clicSÉQUR or clicSÉQUR express, because clicSÉQUR is the ‘master key’.

A business that only has a clicSÉQUR express access code may only use those online services that involve sending information.

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